603 United is a Junior Olympic Volleyball Club for players 8 - 18 years old. In 2020, Great Bay merged with Lat 42 forming our new club; 603 United Volleyball competing out of Hampton and Derry locations. We are a registered New England Region Volleybal

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A NOTE ABOUT GREAT BAY TRAINING ACADEMY FOR 2017-2018:  Registration for Training Academy will open AFTER tryouts conclude (tryouts conclude on November 15th and teams will be posted the week of November 16th).  Once teams are posted, we will open registration for Training Academy!  Thanks! 
Please remember that if there is a waiting list for Training Academy, players will be selected in preference of 1, tried out in the current year, 2, previous member of the Training Academy, 3, new members.
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Great Bay Training Academy

The Great Bay Training Academy  will be undergoing a few changes this year due to the high demand and success of the program over the past several years.  Details about the 2018 Training Academy can be found below.

It is an excellent opportunity to improve general and specific skill sets while also improving Volleyball IQ. We hope it will improve each player’s chance of making a team now or in the future; whether it is for this club, their high school team or any other team. Any player interested in learning will be welcomed regardless of their level of knowledge or skill,  within the limitations of court space and available coaches.  Consideration for the practice squad is given to (in order) : players who attended Great Bay Tryouts, former Training Academy participants and then open enrollment.

The Training Academy will be run primarily by Mike McDonnell, Dan Brodeur, & Kate Simmons.  The Training Academy is not age restricted and we will make every effort to be inclusive of all.  We will divide by appropriate skill level and/or age when safety and common sense are at issue.  Should the need arise during the season,  all Training Academy participants will be eligible for openings on Great Bay teams.  

We will be training using Gold Medal methods.  Ideally, we will do some shared or stationed drills at the beginning of practice and then split into groups as numbers allow.  We will progress to a more advanced set of skills as the season continues.  These skills will include individual and team defense, offensive strategies and other skills that will help improve Volleyball IQ.

When the balance and skill of players is correct, we will also scrimmage at the end of practices. From time to time, we will also have “guest coaches” come in and run practices when they are available (Steve, Jenn, Rick, Megan, Katie etc.).  This will be a great opportunity for all of our coaches and players to continue to learn from each other.  Remember that we welcome coaches (and players) from other Great Bay teams at any time in our gyms.   In fact, it is mandatory for each Great Bay coach to visit another Great Bay coach’s practice at least twice during the season (see our “Policies and Procedures” handbook).


Thank you,

Great Bay Board of Directors.

Details about the Training Academy for 2018:

Cumulative Sessions will include the following disciplines:


  • Passing
  • Setting
  • Hitting
  • Blocking
  • Individual Defense
  • Team Defense (systems)
  • Defensive Strategies
  • Offensive systems
  • Offensive strategies

Sessions will  begin in the 1st week of January (with possibilities of weekday practices from time to time to accommodate tournament scheduling).  There will be a minimum of 10 sessions in total (barring any weather cancelations - please see our cancelation policy in the Policies and Procedures Handbook).  Once the registration process is complete, we will release details about the schedule for each group.


The link to register for the Training Academy can be found here